About Toni Ross

Toni Ross has long had an interest in enclosed sculptural forms in which the interiors are uncertain and infused with a sense of mystery. The architectural and cubic aspects of vessels, containers and totems have provided Ross an evolving lexicon of visual relationships that address shape and surface, balance and instability and elements of expressionism and transience.


In her Strata series, Ross explores aggregate stoneware compositions that hug the walls in linear formations and vertical stacks. Through her continued interest in tablets, stele, and pyramidal forms, she addresses exteriors and frontality in

planar structures that lean, stand, or recline. Often hand-inscribed with aspects of cuneiform and the written word, each

sculptural face hints at an elusive, undiscovered language. Thread binding, layering and coupling of elements extend the narrative further as planes of distressed stoneware synthesize within component parts.

Expanding her oeuvre in recent years, Ross has developed site-specific installations and other large-scale projects that exist outside the studio environment. Drawing on her longstanding interests in form, texture, balance, and interior space, she has embraced a thinking that is architectural yet personal; monumental yet intimate. 


Born and raised in New York City, Toni Ross attended Wesleyan University where she studied ceramics and the arts, graduating with a BA in Film Studies. Her lifetime interest in the visual arts took her to Italy where she absorbed the great traditions of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages while painting and sketching in museums, piazzas and the countryside. Since then, her practice has evolved to include works in sculpture, drawing and painting; her focus

on stoneware dates to 1997.



                  "I am drawn to ancient Cycladic sculpture for its evocations of sensuality and purity in the

                   human form, the sense of figural abstraction it embraces and the reductive qualities in which

                   reflection, memory and mindfulness find balance.


                   I aspire to an art that embraces such primal authenticity. The textured surfaces of my recent

                   sculpture retain their own histories, elucidating the beauty of imperfection. Tied and wrapped

                   threads elude both to a sense of confinement and to breaking free of constraints.


                   Underscored by tension, fragility and candor, my art seeks symmetry between the temporal

                   and the timeless. Moving from inwardness to architectural facades, pivoting cubes and

                   sculptural collage, my recent work is fixed in action and contemplation."


                                                                                                                                                                Toni Ross, 2016



(c) 2020 Toni Ross | Photos: Jenny Gorman, Visko Hatfield, Philippe Cheng, Bastienne Schmidt, Gary Mamay
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