HANDOFF: Weaving in Space  |  a collaborative exhibit  |  Southampton Arts Center  |  Southampton, NY  |  February 9 - April 14, 2019

For seven weeks, 10 artists collaborated on a collective weaving installation in the foyer gallery of Southampton Arts Center. The project resulted in an exhilarating melange of loops, lines, grids, knots, patterns, shapes and shadows, each artist commingling with others to ignite riots of color and form. Participating artists included LOUISE EASTMAN, SABRA MOON ELLIOT, SASKIA FRIEDRICH, LOVID, TONI ROSS, BASTIENNE SCHMIDT, CHRISTINE SCIULLI, MORGANA TETHEROW-KELLER, VIRVA HINNEMO and ALMOND ZIGMUND. The exhibition was organized by

Christine Sciulli and Bastienne Schmidt.