When, 2020    |    TONI ROSS and SARA SALAWAY   |   DRIVE-BY-ART (Public Art in This Time of Social Distancing)
an exhibition organized by Warren Neidich with locations across Long Island's East End
May 9 through June 28, 2020

When consists of 65 metal folding chairs stenciled with the dates of the quarantine beginning on March 15 and onward. As the days pass the dates become more vague, representing our altered sense of time and place until, towards the end, the text becomes simply today, tomorrow, and yesterday. In its entirety, the piece is approximately 450’ in length. We have donated the work to Hayground School to be sold either as a whole or as individual chairs. The proceeds will benefit the tuition assistance program at Hayground. Help us support Hayground by clicking the link below: